This month we learned all about Autumn. We had a wonderful and colourful Autumn display at our nature table. We even put all of the leaves that we gathered to an artistic use! We painted Autumn trees and also used the leaves which we collected to add to our beanstalks.

Maths Week
We did lots of different activities for Maths Week. We went on a maths trail and identified maths in our local environment. We even used some of the nature to discover maths. We had fun forming our numbers in the sand.

We had Flossie come in and talk to us about plastic pollution and the damage it is doing to our marine life and oceans. They discovered lots of different items on the beach. But these items definitely do not belong on a beach!!

We have been getting ready for Halloween and painted some Halloween spooky sky for our bats to fly in. We are looking forward to dressing up for our Halloween party.

Finally, we hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!