This month we have been learning all about Autumn. We went on a nature walk to look for signs of autumn. We learned a lot of new facts about different types of trees.

We celebrated Maths week by completing lots of maths activities in school and at home. We went on a maths trail around our local area. We used our maths eyes to look for 2D shapes and numbers in our local area. 1st class completed an ALOHA Mental Maths workshop.

On 6th October it was National Grandparents Day. We made cards for our grandparents and 1st class wrote their grandparents a letter. We then had Zoom calls from grandparents where we asked them questions about schools in the past.

In Science we were learning about worms. We went searching for worms and made a wormery.

For Climate Action week our whole school did a park clean up. We collected rubbish in our local park. Thank you to Dublin City Council and 2nd and 3rd Class for organising this great event.

For Coding week we were using the Beebots. We learned about control, directional language and programming. We also looked at some coding websites such as Coding Cake and Minecraft.