Parent/Teacher Association

Here in Drumcondra NS we have an active Parent/Teacher Association. All parents are eligible to join the P.T.A. and to help out in any way they can. There is one teacher nominee on the P.T.A.
The P.T.A. organises a variety events throughout the year; from our annual Christmas Sale, to quizzes and family fun days. Some of the events are to raise funds for the school, while others are just for fun and to help parents to get to know one another.
Money raised by the P.T.A. benefits all the children as it helps to provide additional equipment, reduces the cost of swimming lessons and school trips and tours.
The P.T.A. recently funded a new interactive screen in our middle room and we are all so grateful the P.T.A. for all their hard work.

Parent Teacher Association Members

PTA 2020 – 2021

Chairperson TBC

Helen O’Reilly (Secretary)

Aedeen Burns

Aengus Hennessy

Alison Reynolds Meagher

Anna Rojas Casellas

Audrey Darby

Batoul Banjar

Debbie Fogarty

Declan O’Sullivan

Gail Watson

Gary Dunne

Glenn Keating

Irina Nastasi

Joan O’Donnell

Lisa McIlmurray

Natasha Spremo

Niamh Heraughty

Sandra Gibney

Help My Kid Learn

Help My Kid Learn

Parents, every wondered if there is anything else you can do to help your child learn even more?! Have a look at the 'Help my kid learn' website Just enter your child's age and you will find a whole range of activities to support them in talking, playing, reading,...

Useful Sites

Useful Sites

Other Useful Sites Toondoo - create your own cartoons online National Geographic Kids - great for project work Scratch - simple programming for kids


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