Have a look at some of the experiments that 1st-3rd class got up to during Science Week. We really enjoyed completing the experiments in school and some people even did some experiments at home.

Experiments completed:

  • Bouncy Egg Experiment: We placed a raw egg in some vinegar and food colouring and left it for 5 days. When we took the egg out it was soft and bouncy.
  • Tooth Decay Experiment: We have been learning about teeth this month. We placed 5 eggs in different drinks to investigate the effect that these different drinks have on our teeth. We placed an egg in water, milk, juice, diet coke, and coke. We found that the milk and water had the least effect on the eggs and the juice had the worst effect on the egg.
  • Elephant Toothpaste: We mixed hydrogen peroxide, warm water, dish soap, dried yeast, and food colouring together to create elephant toothpaste.
  • Coke and Mento’s: We dropped mento sweets into coke and watched the coke fizz up.
  • Oozing Pumpkins: For Halloween, we had also completed the Oozing Pumpkins experiment. We began by carving the pumpkins. Then we added a small amount of water, food colouring, and baking soda o the pumpkin. To create the oozing pumpkin, we then added vinegar which caused a reaction resulting in the pumpkin oozing.

We really enjoyed completing allĀ  of the above experiments!