2nd and 3rd class really enjoyed all of the science week activities. We completed a science experiment each day. We completed the Erupting Volcano, Magic Glove, Static Electricity, Rocket Balloon, and Skittles experiment. We really enjoyed setting up, observing, and recording the results of the experiments in our experiment booklets.

Some of the children in 2nd and 3rd class also completed some experiments at home for homework. On Friday, Each child presented their experiment to the class and explained the process of the experiment and the results of their experiment.

We also got to do some STEM activities which were really fun! There were a number of challenge cards that the children could choose from. Each challenge card contained a different STEM activity that involved building or creating different objects such as an enclosed animal enclosure a marble maze, a boat that floats, and many challenges.

Well done to everyone for the great work during Science Week 2020!