We have been very lucky to have so many sports coaches come in to teach us new sports and skills. We have spent several weeks doing GAA, Boxing, and Athletics. We also spent a couple of weeks with Dance, Sing Act before Christmas, who helped us with our Christmas performances.

Dance, Sing, Act – We had excellent singing and dancing teachers from Dance, Sing Act in to help us to learn a song and dance for our Christmas performances. Each class learned one song and one dance which had some drama elements included in them also. We recorded these on our final day and sent them out to parents, guardians, and other family members to enjoy. 

Gymnastics – We are very fortunate to have access to the Ierne every Tuesday. We attended 6 Gymnastics sessions there with our gymnastics coach. We learned how to do forward rolls, backward rolls, pencil rolls, jumping and landing, balancing on balance beams, and holding ourselves up on rings. Gymnastics was very beneficial for helping build our upper body and core strength.  

Athletics – We are currently enjoying our athletics sessions which we have every Monday. We are learning how to sprint, run for distance, jump over hurdles, throw a shotput, throw a javelin, and work as a team to run a relay race. 

Boxing – 1st-6th class attended boxing sessions for 4 weeks in the Ierne. This was a very new experience for all the children and they really enjoyed it. They learned how to do footwork like moving with defense feet and attacking feet. We also learned different punching techniques using boxing gloves and pads. On the final day, we got to go down to the Ballybough Boxing Club. We got to experience being in the boxing ring and also got to use the boxing bags to practice the skills we had learned.